Create China Youth electricity supplier entrepreneurial base to promote the development of

modern society has entered an era of public business, at the same time, entrepreneurship has become an important way of social entrepreneurship, attracted many people to come to business activities, and the country are actively create entrepreneurial base.

root and popularization, is a significant feature of young start-ups in the form of Internet plus. A cup of coffee, a computer, a few heads, an entrepreneurial project was born. President of the unit of youth entrepreneurship Committee Gold Group to build a "Chinese youth entrepreneurship base", focusing on the construction of youth entrepreneurship incubator and entrepreneurial O2O service center, providing good support for youth entrepreneurship.

"China youth entrepreneurship base" is the youth e-commerce business: a practice platform dedicated to the public record space and supporting entrepreneurial nursery, training room, front desk, offers a variety of entrepreneurial public services; secondly to provide 2 square meters to 10 square meters of space for entrepreneurs, for the record industry started; it also has a bank, venture capital, logistics providers and other entrepreneurial elements to serve the alliance. Here, the project, research, evaluation, road show, hatching, a lot of; here, creative collection, ideas burst, intelligence competition. China Youth electricity supplier entrepreneurial base, is the creation of a guest home, work, study, communication, collision, Spark Spark innovation, create more opportunities.

"Chinese youth entrepreneurship base" is to help young entrepreneurs to open the road of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial dreams flying in first place." Gold Group Chairman Wang Jinhe said, China youth entrepreneurship base in addition to guarantee enterprises enjoy national, provincial and municipal and similar areas of various preferential policies, especially in terms of project financing, personnel training, information technology, risk control and other relevant supporting measures, to promote the rapid and healthy growth of enterprises.

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