Hubei MBA union entrepreneurship competition decide the most outstanding entrepreneurial projects

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, all kinds of entrepreneurial competitions are also coming to an end. The day before, the first Hubei MBA alliance venture contest ended at the Wuhan University successfully, 9 entrepreneurial teams of fierce competition, and ultimately decide the most outstanding entrepreneurial projects.

12 12, in the management of Wuhan University, Lin Lin lecture hall, the first session of the Hubei MBA alliance entrepreneurship Contest Finals held, such as the congregation to raise public funds and other entrepreneurial team to enter the final nine. Fusion of the public to raise the final by virtue of a clear profit model, excellent team configuration and rapid expansion of growth path to obtain the title of outstanding entrepreneurial projects.

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in the final nine teams in order to the end of the roadshow roadshow, by instructors on-site questions comments. Among them, the final appearance of Wuhan financial surplus to raise public service Co., Ltd., causing strong concern of the audience and the judges. Rong Ying raised as founded in May of this year’s successful start-ups, the next line will raise the public service and combine with the actual project, after completion of Luojia coffee, more than and 10 apartments in Central China has profound influence on the classic practical case to raise public. In less than ten minutes of the road show, the congregation raised the public to raise the profit of the founder of the paint Yong is the financial profit model easy to express it, the judges unanimously affirmed.

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