What needs to pay attention to open shop

is now online business is quite popular, can be said to be a white hot state, let many people benefit from, also attracted more people to join the ranks of online business, but the shop is not so easy to operate, if not pay attention to many details that may have very big loss, Xiao Bian today as we bring here about online business shop need to pay attention to what place.

generally speaking, suitable for online sale of goods have the following characteristics.

(1) small volume

small size is mainly to facilitate transportation, reduce transportation costs. Larger, heavier and the low price of the goods is not suitable for online sales of goods in the mail, because the logistics cost is too high, if the cost is allocated to the buyer head, is bound to reduce the buyers desire to buy.

(2) added value is higher

value is too low for a single piece of goods is not suitable for sale on the internet. To do the price is relatively stable, do not do a short period of time the product is not stable, otherwise the stock pressure is great.

(3) has a unique or stylish

shop selling good products are often featured or very stylish.

(4) price is more reasonable

if the network can use the same price to buy, no one will buy online. Under the net is not only online to buy, such as foreign trade order products or directly from abroad to bring back the product. Do you like best to avoid products. This kind of product is low profit, two is the price is relatively transparent, the three is everywhere. This kind of commodity can not have too much popularity in the early opening and orders, if the shape is not a quantity, it is difficult to continue.

(5) by browsing the site can arouse the desire to buy

if a commodity must be met before you can achieve the trust needed to buy, then it is not suitable for online shop sales. If there is a channel for the purchase of branded goods can be considered to do brand goods, because of the high visibility of such products, even if the buyer does not see the kind, but also know the quality of goods.

online shop promotion skills

first, Taobao guest. Are you willing to make 30 yuan, or would like to earn $100, respectively, 50 yuan. The reason is very simple, as long as you simply set a good commission, you can wait for others to promote you. Why not? On the set of commission skills, Taobao has a detailed referral

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