The girls open Lo chain success

winter to eat Lo friends all around looking for good taste, clean low price of the deli, the flavor is not delicious, without closing the meat shop attracted people’s attention, but many people do not know the lo chain brand founder turned out to be a senior girl.

22, lo mei shop 2 restaurants, 2 supermarkets, 1 noodle…… More than two months turnover of more than $30 million. Such a big handwriting, even from a college student! Yes, the big boss is the Wuchang Institute of technology, senior Zhou Yali.

medium stature, clothing fashion beautiful, gentle jade, smiling her cute yet mature. "Some tired, but also a sense of accomplishment." Zhou Yali said that the face of a brilliant. "Wait a minute, there’s a phone call."

the first shop business

"Wuhan duck neck unique taste, reputation, loved by the public. Parents have been engaged in this industry, with their support, we joined the Wu Zhou chain." In February 5th this year, Zhou Yali and sister do two selling duck neck, Zhou Heiya Lo store business license. Because the business is hot, then a run of 14 Home Wu Wei Zhou lo mei shop.

plus before opened stores a total of 27 stores, of which there are 8 stores on the business license name Zhou Yali, by her independent operation, she also and sister co management in a number of other lo stores.

help students not enough manpower

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