Promote the shop to start a business easier

is now a lot of 80, 90 have chosen to start, but suffer from lack of funds, no shop greatly reduced the cost of running the business, so that entrepreneurship becomes easier and simpler.

1, reduce the cost of business:

the traditional shop management mode, need to rent the store, hire clerk, decoration shop, purchase equipment, the initial investment is large, coupled with the need to pay monthly rent and utilities, the high cost of business. It is estimated that in Shanghai, an individual to open a small physical shops, the minimum investment of about 60 thousand yuan. The shop without changing the physical appearance of the invisible, so that entrepreneurs can invest in relatively low funds can be opened to reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship, easing the economic pressure. In addition, the operation cost is not low, so that the price of goods or services more competitive, so that entrepreneurs get more profit margins.

2, business flexible mode:

is the so-called "small boat U-turn, for entrepreneurs, no shop management reduced the store location, how much is the rent, the quality of the external factors such as constraints, the timely response to market and customer needs to adjust the business direction and way. More importantly, there is no shop entrepreneurs can advance and retreat freely, once the business is poor, can be turned around in time, so as to effectively avoid entrepreneurial risk.

so no shop venture how to start? No shop venture has a lower investment, the advantages of flexible way, greatly reducing the threshold of entrepreneurship, but there are some limitations in the field of entrepreneurship. In general, some emphasis on technical services and trade areas, the requirements of the shop is not high, suitable for non shop venture, there are four main forms:

Shop 1, online:

there is no shop the most common form of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs in the online sales of goods, although the need to pay a registration fee online, but considerably less tangible shop rents. Online shop for professional background requirements are not high, but it needs to have a certain channel and marketing capacity. At present, there are two main ways to open a shop on the net, which are gifts, art, cosmetics, electronic products and used goods.

2, Advisor:

entrepreneurs with a customer’s personal adviser to proficiency in a particular line, and provide door-to-door service. This way of entrepreneurship is very popular in Europe and the United States, in the country, with the increasing improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for private services is rising. Private consultants have the following major services:

3, >.

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