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I don’t know what

is SEO guy, started since the establishment of traffic has not improved, so to promote, the forum posted, the effect is not big, want to exchange Links and others, people see you PR0, included so little, just don’t change with you, after much deliberation, also is an honest good content. But for some time ago to the station name, change the title, although Google is not K, but I find the relevant keywords, even was unable to find, while Baidu, included the slow, a week just two or three pages, a total of only more than 20 pages, not popularity.

well, I’m disappointed. I think it’s difficult and difficult to do well. The rest of the work is to do the content of the site, but I found that even if your content is original, as long as it is relatively hot keywords, new stations on the line can not win others. This is common sense, the new station to do the content, want to row before, can only do some unique keywords, so that there is a chance. But new sites do original, make unpopular words, Baidu if not included, also white waste. I like the small happiness. An article " I is how to deal with the non farmer mouth migration", is real in the original article, that is in June 6th, now has more than 10 days or not included, once I was in Baidu search "for non household population migration" actually, I found the website home page, and row on the first page, was very excited, site my station, still can not see the article was included, I did not think at that time, the "non agricultural migration" words brought me to my happy days flow. After a few days, suddenly the word not to flow, I remain perplexed despite much thought, front page in a daze, I found this article I did not display on the front page, because I constantly updated website content, this article is original in my station "recently updated" column in the link, now update more, it will fall out of range of the latest articles, no longer display on the front page.

then can see my article in Baidu search, because Baidu snapshot every day in the update my homepage, when the update to this article when the natural search, then search for "non farm accounts can be found to my home page is the reason of migration", and later the link on the home page no naturally, not to search. Then I back to the home page shows the link, it is not can be found? Yesterday I really put a link to put up, today I updated Baidu snapshots, I’ll search "non agricultural migration" of the word, so, in second pages, ha ha!

derives the idea: try to compare the competitive words in the first place, while in the new home page to display more content, so that Baidu does not increase included, only update snapshot case we have competitiveness can also play its due role, we will have more new sites the search to chance. This is my superficial view, I don’t know, right? Please give me expert advice.

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