How to retain users of navigation websites

a few years ago, the vast majority of users using web navigation, through navigation to find their own needs. Early site navigation is indeed convenient for the vast number of users, for the user online to do a very effective guidance, for users can not find the website to solve the trouble, such as good 123 site home is a successful site navigation.

but with the popularization and development of Internet, Chinese increased the number of Internet users, open the user knowledge, more and more in-depth understanding of the network, the navigation requirements are increasingly high, know more and more web site navigation, gradually catch up with the needs of users.

Site navigation market

why once prosperous gradually deserted, what are the characteristics of site navigation, what type of navigation and market? A guide users to the Internet platform, and the 123 came into being, to meet the needs of users, but also the achievements of its brilliant achievements.

specific group

although the average user’s demand for navigation websites has been reduced, there are also some users who demand more information, such as Internet access for older people. With the improvement of living standards, improve the living environment, according to the needs of users are increasingly high, the demand will increase, as the telecom site navigation for the crowd is killed, each class of people can find to understand the website in the top, see the web site.

regularly check the site’s connection

It is very important to connect to the

site navigation, don’t let the website cannot open their own website, this will affect the user experience, users to our navigation website, is to find they need to see, just enter the site after many pages are not open, I think the next user time will not visit the website at

guides users into the navigation site

we must guide users on the web site navigation, we should also strengthen the user website to see things, rather than other web site navigation website content is more difficult to retain users, the reason is not content in navigation. So, the navigation website has to analyze at any time and place, the net friend enters the website to do what, understand what.

The name of the

site is best ear, ear, and ripe

Take hao123

, recently analyzed the navigation website, enter the navigation website user search and not hao123 site navigation, enter the 265 site navigation is not search the 265 site navigation, search are hao123 and 265, like all other navigation. This kind of name is also very good to remember, the net friend also knows that these 2 websites do what type of website.

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