grew up on an advertising website

in 2005, just contact the site, the site content and rich knowledge of the infection, so she also wants to own a website, it can be some of the things you usually collected on the site to share with you.

didn’t even know anything about website design and planning at first, let alone website marketing.

has learned some website building software before, and can not be regarded as a layman any more. Understand some basic methods of website creation.

at the beginning did not buy their own domain name, space ah, then there are free space, to a two domain name, apply for it. So, I apply for a free space to practice. After the space application is good, the bigger question comes, what to do, what name is the website, that one time does not know where to start.

thought for a few days, think of a name, English also don’t understand, I love the dragon, and a longart (the English) Chinese called Dragon century, which I now use this, until now, do not throw away.

the name is OK. This time we have to start working on the content. I was learning to design, usually also on the Internet search some related information, advertising pictures, tutorials, what; also accumulated a lot of, temporarily put these content,


name, content determined, and then began to design web pages, beautiful ah, composition ah, have to think about it, read a number of other web design, began to design. Designed to know, to learn too much, too much, not as simple as imagined, very tired, very cumbersome. At that time, the software was not used very well. So learn to use.

took a lot of trouble and finally built the website. But how do you think it’s not like that?. So, repeatedly revised, collecting data, adding information, then did not want to how to publicize the site, how can more people know the web site?.

later after more than a year, because the site is static, not dynamic, all need to manually add, so tired, they usually have to work, so they set aside a period of time, do not want to do.

, but later saw the Internet development is very fast, the content is also more and more rich, the coverage is also more and more widespread. At this time, I understand the site also increased a lot more than before, but also to understand some of the network promotion of some knowledge, but also pay attention to changes in the Internet industry every day.

change, must change, name unchanged, I bought an independent domain name and virtual host, this time has really belongs to their own site, before always feel using two level domain name is inconvenient, also very long.

this time, the video class website is very hot, very hot, everyone discussed the topic, so I sprouted a want to do video site idea, but >

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