Webmaster must understand the fifteen websites and life philosophy

, the 1 son of disdain to his father and said: take this car, certain stomach!
pocket money

do portal elite website always said: "you these webmaster, only know to do some rubbish website, earn some money, unpromising grassroots.".
;       do grassroots website answer: you are all empty handed white wolf, flicker financing money to do listed, playing with the concept of elite

(Note: does your opinion of things reflect your true attitude?)

2, after dinner, mother and daughter wash dishes together. Father and son watch TV in the living room. Suddenly, there was a crash of breaking plates in the kitchen, and then there was silence.

        advertising union was blocked; chat between webmaster; always: that garbage Union, too dark, and my account closed.

(Note: we are accustomed to different standards to see people, so that they are often responsible for strict, to treat themselves to width.


3, there are two tours to Taiwan Japan Izu Hanto tourism, the road is very bad, potholes everywhere.

see others do stand, suffering until 2 in the morning, all day playing with the source code, watching statistics, I think the webmaster is a wood man.

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