This is how create a movie station with a daily traffic volume of 5000

I was in touch with the movie station in October 2009, when it was the first time I did a movie station. It took 2000 yuan to buy a movie station from A5’s hands. His main traffic comes from propaganda. About a day, 1W or so. But at that time because the space of good times don’t last long, strike back, etc. the reason for a period of time did not open. Finally, the transfer to foreign servers only start from scratch, but traffic is reduced to more than 2000. The heart was cold then. There’s no way to go on. I watched it for a while. Flow from optimization to few. Maybe there are too many movie stations. Basic small stations are difficult to survive. I’m not waiting for the flow to optimize. I have to advertise myself. I found that as long as publicity is good. There will be more traffic at the movie station. Optimize the flow of this process to slowly and into, and I also know that many of the rookie just do the movie station is a temporary flow can’t get up, after all, big flow of keywords can’t give you a short time ranking. So, rely on publicity. There’s a lot of publicity here. Or can guarantee new sites in the day stability more than 5000 traffic, here I put my skills to share with you. Hope everyone stick to

1 Baidu stick: this stick do not underestimate. Traffic is really strong. I remember a team here 24 hours a day change propaganda movie station to tens of thousands of traffic. I myself advertised for about the first month, stabilizing about 3000IP. But don’t neglect skills. After all, it’s tight management. If you send it directly, your movie address will be deleted right away. Here you need to have their own bar. Just paste it all. Go to Baidu top ranked 20 in the movie. Send these movie profiles and your movie address to your post bar and update it. At this time you can go to those big flow movies, post bar to send a post. At this time, you send your address to send it. The Baidu administrator won’t delete it. In this way, the flow of traffic is also very impressive.

2 SOSO ask: this method suits SOSO, ask the end of the world, ask some questions and answers area. Don’t ignore SOSO, ask. A lot of people are looking for movie addresses here every day. You can do 2 QQ. Then the question and answer form. This is not conducive to being found and deleted, and the flow here is stable. If you add your article. Later, people search movies directly appear in your article, so increasing the number of visitors looking for, I myself here every day can get 500~1000 traffic range. I can’t imagine myself. Maybe it’s been a long time. More articles,

3 set up QQ group. Here you can build more than a few film and television exchanges. Advertise for your website and retain long-term and stable visitors. The power of QQ group is unlimited,

4 blog publicity: now most blog traffic is also occupy a large part of the network. After all, blogs are fashionable now. A lot of network gens all like to go to the blog to trample on each other. This is also available, and the method should be mastered well. You can go to the Internet to find a <

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