Mobile nternet era Taobao customers how to make money

2012, Taobao alliance platform for AdSense and Taobao customers brought revenue into the breakthrough 3 billion yuan, an increase of 100%. And from the mobile terminal is divided into 100 million yuan, of which beauty said,, fruit library, pocket shopping and other App operators are divided into nearly 50 million yuan. We can see that although the end stage PC for Amoy were still profitable bulk, but the mobile terminal has been showing a potential outbreak. And this trend will be accelerated with the popularity of smart terminals (mobile phones, tablets), and more rapidly.

Most of

still buried in the PC end of Taobao customers, in the customer use and consumption habits upheaval in the mobile Internet era, how to continue to make money?

, it’s time to have your own Taobao App,

in April this year, Taobao launched a wireless alliance, open API interface, you only need to App (mobile phone client) address input, we can get a client promotion link, this link will be embedded in your App, as long as the user installed on your App and through its purchase of goods, you can get divided into. This and the original at the PC end to their guest site promotion into the interface is a reason.

this action can be regarded as a strong signal released by Taobao: in the future, the use of mobile clients to promote marketing, will gradually occupy the traditional PC side Taobao customers share promotion. That’s why beauty says is starting to shift its focus to its own App. So, the Tao guest wants to make money in the mobile Internet era, Taobao has to be considered when the guest App.

for most webmasters and individual Taobao customers, as beautiful as, specifically developed a App, the cost and maintenance efforts are unbearable. But using an online development platform to make a Taobao App for yourself is already easy. If more attention on the development of the App, should know now App online production platform has many, such as the earliest Chase letter box, and the application of the comprehensive ability of high park. They support the insertion of Taobao customer link, make your own Taobao App, and the first is free, second is not required for programming, follow the steps to create it, very simple, each big Taobao passenger can immediately make its own App.

content is king, Taobao customers App can not be pure marketing App


Amoy the earliest, most of the way is in some large blog station to establish their own blog promotion, but this approach has been resisted, Sina, 163, etc. blog bus are cleaned regularly these sites, or even by the report. So later guest will into the self station era, updated daily rich content on your site, then Taobao customers to promote links into them. In this way the guest later grew as the main force of Taobao alliance into the largest share. Similarly, in the mobile Internet era, >

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