The road of stationmaster can go down forever

I as a small webmaster Chinese millions in stationmaster, my identity, I can’t figure the king, not like punks are so full of fame, but at least I can own a webmaster and proud, I am a qualified webmaster.

I am 04 years old learn to surf the Internet, then I will only talk about QQ, remember that it is just Q Jin, bullish bubble sister, video telephone. Easy. I like to play something new, but it doesn’t include games. So far, I haven’t played a game, except for the occasional landlords in the QQ game. Remember 04 years in December, accidentally discovered the personal home page this Dongdong, at that time did not understand, and applied for a free attempt for 15 days as if the intelligent site. The site wasn’t very hot then. Now I think I really mad ah, if it were known to the market, must have several three digit meters ah, now sell at least tens of thousands. Ha ha ha。 Silly me.

later, nothing to go to play personal home page, then it seems that it is not enough to mention, when he was also colleagues to show off, ashamed, ashamed oh. He has been playing it, for a period of time is a change, remember there was a wind station, I apply, that is to play longer. At that time, want to put some music bar, but also to apply for some player code, put what Baidu search code ah, now think again is really silly, that does not mean to help other Adsense make money. Stupidity.

remember, 06 years, once I went to buy a PHP space, is Jiuzhou, it won’t get FTP, a good friend taught me remotely, oh, oh, magic, I was half a day, did not understand. Then I groped for a few days to understand it.

DJ has always been my love to the heart, also dreamed of a DJ station, 06 years later with a web design, help me to do is cheat me hundreds of dollars, won’t do, just put the program online to take over, then the distance let me see, I don’t you know, just get a few I can only think of you good. Then later, the suspension of activities.

07 years, I went to buy a set of DJ procedures, procedures are good, operating for six months. Later, it was not developed and had to be closed.


is playing QQ station, also say, when I put the DJ station into QQ station, all of a sudden increase in weight, less than one month, more than 8000 IP, but didn’t realize it’s weight ah, an error, data lost. It ticks me off。

08 years, good luck again, my QQ station ( weight began to upgrade, but damn me, all day just thinking about changing style, too long. All right, change it. It’s gone. Dropped. So now, I die without correcting it. I only changed CSS. Just like my style, with the official DZ New Year’s style, it hasn’t changed, and I’ve changed my skin

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