Detailed ecological yongcu Ali fusion product of wisdom

BAT layout for the Internet, I think this is a lot of friends talk about the topic. The author is no exception, compared to other products between the merger and merger, cooperation between the three giants model is obviously more intelligent and long-term. And before, I also wrote an article about the strategic layout of Baidu, but today our topic is ali.

actually, the struggle between Ali and Baidu has been going on for a long time, and this competition has not been over until now. The station said a recent biological wind, when UC announced that Ali holdings of shares, we will think of who? Yes, as the biggest potential buyers before UC, Baidu has long been considered to be the best buyers, not only is the business model is very similar, the development platform is Baidu to enter the field, but the deal is Ali abruptly to cut Hu, although Baidu’s acquisition of UC’s ideas completely wasted, but from another angle to the acquisition of Ali which in fact may not be worse than Baidu, because Ali in the field of products mature and delicate makes UC have more readily realizable opportunities, instead of Baidu is the advantages of using UC to improve their own wings, tomorrow is unknown for UC only, so at this stage is not upset with ali.

this time you may wonder Ali as a business leader, was able to expand their business from the perspective of mobile search, it is hard to understand. In fact, Ali ma control time had a clear development strategy and brand system, from Taobao from Taobao mall, we can pry out the independent all day Cat Ali’s ambition is absolutely not a business, if only electricity supplier, so the more uniform the better, if not the pursuit of business monopoly, but other business integration then, the diversity has become the necessary foundation, Tmall’s independence is clearly out of the latter consideration.

since 2012, three strategic platform Ali would often be you mentioned, this is not only because Ma wants a clear signal to the outside world before leaving, let Ali future have more development opportunities, but also because of Ali, based on the existing large to continue to experience yourself, know what you should do what, what not to do. To Ali’s acquisition of recent events during the first half of whatever is unfamiliar street, emerge in an endless stream, UC or Sina, High German, can be said to be all kinds of product categories, but careful analysis we can see Ali is not no place to spend the money, the acquisition of each step are closely linked to three strategic policy.

platform, data, finance. All products of system obviously for all students to do this, rely on the platform to fully tap the diffraction data accumulated realizable value, etc. all this is mature, capital is accumulated to a certain extent will gradually focus on financial reform, financial heat to complete its own business and profit direction. This is Ali’s future strategy, and all products to join the line reflects this series of ideas.

the potential of the future mobile Internet is obvious to everyone, >

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