O2O electric do not close on line 5 months turnover amounted to 100 million but only live for 14 m

closed quickly. It’s only 14 months from the line to the door,

, who has been in office without closing the staff told reporters, due to poor management, without closing the company ceased operations in the last month, still owed approximately 150 employees daily salary. At this time, it was officially launched on December 24, 2013, only one year and two months. In March 25th, the reporter logged on "do not close" official website, found that the site has not been updated for a long time, the main business promotional activities still stay in the National Day travel products recommended. Reporters then call the company’s customer service telephone: 96567 and 5255716, suggesting that as busy and empty.

in the afternoon, the reporter arrived at the Anqing City Yixiu district north of Lake No. 7 is not closing the company headquarters. The former bustling scene long gone, the three layer of the headquarters building, the doors locked, empty, on the wall without closing the mobile phone client advertising has been replaced by shops selling tore through advertising, the first floor of the glass door to look inward, a mess inside. One of the building’s sales staff told reporters, "no closing, the company has made a deposit to buy these three floors, but last year the funds out of question, the building has been developed enterprises to recover and sell again.". "This company changes too fast, let a person cannot read", a nearby resident said, last summer, here is quite busy, there are a lot of leaders to visit, but did not think of a company is closed.

once brilliant line, 5 months trading volume that broke billion yuan

is too lazy to go out to buy things? Hate to go to the supermarket queuing? Do not want to carry their own home? Worry about fakes? At the supermarket close? "Don’t close ‘can stroll in the supermarket to buy things, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day in a timely manner, free shipping" this is not closing, the official website of the propaganda language. "It’s really convenient, it’s cheap, and it’s also a regular promotion of locally grown produce."." One who used the "no stop" shopping network told reporters that "no shut up" has its market demand, and many young people around have used it.

it is understood that "do not close" is Anqing’s first local O2O electricity supplier, the company was prepared in June 2013, has announced that the initial investment of 360 million yuan. December 24, 2013, "do not close the net" formally launched, and Jingdong, Taobao and other electricity supplier is different, "do not close" only local sales, and promised to order within half an hour free delivery.

on the line, not closing rapidly, take the "big sweep" patterns of force from the platform, warehousing, distribution, payment of each link, less than half a year, Anqing city in the southeast northwest four directions have established their own storage base, 7 24 hour convenience store chain, the employee of the company once reached nearly 400, of which 70% are concentrated in distribution. The company also adopted the school enterprise cooperation, established the Anqing Vocational and Technical College training base. On-line 5 months, not closing, Anqing registered active members soared to 100 thousand, turnover exceeded 110 million yuan. Last year, 1>

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