Ma Yun brandished a knife from the palace to starve the Baidu Taobao

as early as September 5th, a friend told me that Taobao has blocked Baidu spider. The network was indeed found to pick the book open their robots.txt has changed to "Disallow:/". The book at that time did not care too much, will seal it, after all the electronic commerce is said to only 30% less than the flow is from search engine, and the 30% to last into the user’s probability is very low. Besides also blocked Baidu spider. If the days are not still had the sunny spring. But this weekend the major sites have picked up this article, we put "the same wonderful Paralympic Games not to report such a report is a bit small. But Big deal since everyone says I have to talk about.

search engine from the portal to the entrance, the Internet changed again, whether it is Taobao or Facebook, are trying to change the entrance guide again the Internet. "An Internet veteran says.

Look at the Baidu

menacing investment projects, look at those users accumulation. Now Ma should be most worried about is the fear of new users to Baidu to develop the first browsing habits, if so that Taobao will be Baidu to the nose. In order not to bear the vast Baidu, Ma "closed network lock treasure. This is when Lin Pingzhi and Yue Buqun even Invincible Eastern momentum.

Effect of

on Baidu. In retrospect it can imagine, when some low-level users can only remember the name Taobao does not remember the 90 Taobao site, those leetspeak them in Baidu input "Taobao" search to find "sorry," Taobao "and" did not find relevant." That is not bad ah. But the user experience not to Baidu’s usual style with the RPWT we can quickly discover that even if you do not let me write the search, but I will take you home, unless you give me a letter. So some friends today to discuss this matter to say. A Taobao Baidu is a very important reason is because Taobao think their system architecture and user data and other confidential information does not want Baidu search to. To tell the truth in the face of the robots.txt file some hypocrites like the Maginot line as.

Ma Yun will be trading volume more than Wal Mart the task still arduous. Originally in the war before the master will first make moves. But at this moment Ma Yunxian moves, he intends to take a gamble, will expand new users rely on interpersonal communication and Ali mother body. Because Ali mother above webmaster general traffic is certainly better than Baidu, and not a little larger. Complete blockade may meet Baidu. Ma Yun will be Ali’s mother in a lot of advertising. This is perhaps the small webmaster have a spring?! it might be a pat on the network have a spring


Ma Yun has killed 3721, and Ma Yun will almost ya>

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