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is required

3. if you want to cancel the order before delivery of the order, please contact the customer service center within 24 hours, otherwise the gift certificate can not be restored



Chinese audio-visual business network audience shopping every hundred send 100    

1, a single order purchase amount for every 100 yuan, is back to a total face value of 100 yuan shopping coupons to buy more and more return; for example the shopping list is 311 yuan, a total of 3 sets of 300 yuan coupons.

below is a gathering of Tech forum content. Through the analysis of some cases, it is found that the vast mobile phone market has yet to be developed, and the use of mobile phones to disseminate information will enhance the brand propaganda more than the traditional way of publicity.

Peter Fuller: executive director of mobile phone marketing associationPresident of

Nihal Mehta:ipsh
Nathan, Woodman:MPGMedia, Contacts, director of the company
Carrie, Himelfarb:Vindigo, vice president of salesSenior vice president,

Mike Troiano:m-Qube business development

Peter Fuller: I don’t know how long you focus on the Tech forum, to see so many companies still around here, and there are many new technologies continue to emerge, it is an amazing thing. The economic development of the last quarter seems to be faster than the past 20 years, and the trend of development seems to increase. You should be familiar with the mobile phone market, at least now much better than before, when I was in San Francisco before, always received many telephone inquiries about our mobile phone market is a network of value-added services, or advertising business. Today, our discussion is to let you know what the current mobile phone market is like and how you can use this market to get closer to your customers.

Nihal Mehta: we are a mobile value-added service company which mainly provides entertainment services for young people, and also provides media publicity for advertisers. In the United States, mobile phone information is popular among young people. About 30 million of Americans send text messages to each other, and 150 million people can use their mobile phones to receive text messages. With the expansion of business, many people think that our business will spread to Europe and Asia, and that’s what we are thinking about.

Nathan Woodman: I’m an advertiser. The vast majority of mobile phone users are advertising a very large market, this new advertising model will have a great impact on the advertising industry.

2 only one coupon can be used for each order. Orders for gift certificates cannot be combined with

3. coupon should not be used within the period of validity but automatically expire beyond the time limit. September coupons for use on September 1, 2007 -9 30; October coupons for the use of October 1, 2007 -10 31; November coupons for the use of November 1, 2007 -11, 30,

Ticket rules for

Thanksgiving August value feedback, launched a full blown passion

China audio and video business network reserves the right to interpret this activity. Please contact customer service at 020-86393838

5. gift certificates cannot be exchanged for cash and no redemption

activity time: from 17:00 August 17th to August 31st 24:00


3, each 100 yuan fanquan contains the following certificates: 2 par value of 10 yuan in September 1 coupons, par value of 20 yuan in September 1 coupons; par value of 10 yuan in October 1 coupons, par value of 20 yuan in October 1 coupons; par value of 10 yuan in November, 1 tickets, 20 Yuan face value of bonds in November.

2 and shopping gift certificates will be deposited directly into your account 15 days after the order is shipped. If the order returns, the gift certificate will be cancelled.

;         Note: the order of the amount of shopping, excluding shipping and coupon amount

1, shopping vouchers are limited to the use of this account, single order shopping amount of 100 yuan, you can use 1 10 yuan shopping coupons, full 200 yuan can use 1 20 yuan gift certificate, gift certificate does not deduct freight, part

4. orders cancelled or returned after shipment, the gift certificates used are no longer recovered, refunds are only refundable cash payments in part

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