Old godmother does not go public really for do not cheat money buy nets Zhao Pingyuan Food electri

was popular, "Lohas Le Huo" thought, Zhao Pingyuan saw the opportunity: "the first brand." However, "LOHAS" the trademark is not registered, only registered the name "LOHAS".

he is willing to try new things, to the industry and competitor insights sharp, but it will require Phoenix mercy, "this is not reported."

most entrepreneurs, suffering for several years, only one goal, the enterprise listed. But the founder of the old godmother Tao Huabi, guarding the huge industry, determined not to appear on the market. She once said, "the godmother is determined not to appear on the market. That’s a lie."." The following article analyzes why she says so, and has nothing to do with morality.

I do not deny that Tao can resist the temptation of capital appreciation, is a kind of moral behavior in the eyes of the public, but this is no causal relationship with the listing. The reason why an old lady can’t go public is because of her company characteristics. First of all, it is a light asset company, the initial investment in production lines is not high, and there is not too much technical content.

is the second product special, first it is consumer goods, higher profit margins, but it is not a large amount of consumer goods, eat a meal will drink two cans of herbal tea or cola, but not the normal time to eat a pot of old godmother, so its market position is actually growing in a the inside of the corner powers are ignored, the dominant position on the consumer’s reputation and habits of course and better quality control, so it has a great relationship gross profit does not require as large expenditures on advertising costs like Wuliangye and Moutai. Moutai’s net interest rate, of course, has been pretty scary, but the cost is almost negligible if you look at the gross margin.

2. listed misappropriating

from 1998 to 2006, Zhao Pingyuan served as Fulinmen edible oil sales director, worked in Shanghai.

food electricity supplier as a blue ocean, has broad prospects for development. However, opportunities and challenges exist simultaneously.

talks about the past: "rich and powerful family" origin, "within the system" entrepreneurship

completely from the emotional bias that listed = quanqian". That’s not right:

in 2006, because it was the newly appointed director of the Changning headquarters of COFCO Gao Ning proposed "to focus on innovation, the application of Zhao Pingyuan from Shanghai to Beijing, joined the COFCO new Department" new business ", designed to do business without food. Since then, Zhao Pingyuan took off "Gao Shuai, rich" coat, with a few people started from scratch.

if the powers to enter this market, need to pay a high price, in accordance with the Tao total nature, mergers and acquisitions is certainly not acceptable, so hard to do a new brand out of it, because the old godmother pricing has been relatively low, in the space of market segment limited, beyond the sauce products of digestion the speed is very slow, it is money and old godmother to hit and die, how much money can be put down in the old godmother is unknown. It is better to use the money to do a greater amount of oil and wine vinegar sauce. Therefore, the competition threat faced by the elder aunt is not so fierce.

is the answer yes or no?.

" LOHAS "registered a series of brands, in addition to fruit juice, honey, and biscuits, cereals and so on, I hope to use the brand to promote the sales of each category. At that time, just to catch up with the happy net of fire, I wanted to be able to use some of the Internet communication, the LOHAS implanted into the happy net "steal food" game, LOHAS visibility bit on." Zhao Pingyuan says.

finally, cash flow is excellent because of total cash settlement. Therefore, the old godmother on the existing business, do not see the urgent need for financing. Therefore, not listed as old godmother, you can live very well. As long as diversification is not carried out, the Chinese continue to love spicy food and maintain quality, so this kind of enterprise can do very long term. But it has nothing to do with morality.

is in the conference room of less than ten square meters of COFCO building, Phoenix Science and technology sees Zhao Pingyuan for the first time. Unlike the traditional state-owned boss "nouveau riche" style, in the anniversary T-shirt Zhao Pingyuan is more like an Internet "grass root". However, compared to many Internet companies CEO "publicity" personality, Zhao Pingyuan’s speech seems rigorous and restrained.

in my net CEO Zhao Pingyuan view, food electricity supplier business like a marathon. I bought the net, not the first to enter the Bureau, but I was confident that I would run to the end.

in him can see the collision of innovation and tradition, the integration of the Internet and the system.


2008, Zhao Pingyuan first net, when he was the head of the Department of business innovation COFCO he will "LOHAS" juice "happy net implantation".

said, "I’m not going to go public. That’s the money of the cheats." is that right?

1, old godmother, if you want to become bigger and stronger, whether you need to go public?

with the influx of capital, the competition in the food, electricity and commerce is becoming more and more fierce. Before there is a shop, originally living, SF, preferred vertical electricity supplier into the bureau. After Ali, Jingdong and other large business platform announced beachhead online supermarket.

narrow sense, when the listing of additional 25% equity financing, in the SFC under the multi martial law, high market




seems blue ocean food, electricity supplier opportunities and challenges coexist. In Zhao Pingyuan’s view, the business of food electricity supplier is like a marathon, only the strongest of the strength can run to the end. I bought the network just ushered in the fifth birthday, it will be what kind of attitude to meet the challenges and defeat the opponent?

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