Case analysis a new week is how to go first


space: space will also influence weight, access speed too slow or frequent crashes, machine space, will seriously affect the weight of the website, which included the influence and flow. Of course, I do not recommend the beginning to buy expensive space, but please timely choose the better space according to the website development.

1, the choice of the domain name has a certain impact on the level of weight, domain name and website related to the higher level, the higher the weight gain, but also can play some later in the optimization process of the benefits of keywords ranking is relatively easy. If it is English station directly with English or abbreviations in alphabetical order cannot be reversed, so have a great affection for the search engine, so as to enhance the weight; if it is Chinese station, with initials or write letters can be reversed, but the weight was relatively low certainly upside down. Grassroots Adsense nets domain name is Pinyin abbreviation cgzzw, very much in line with the search engine’s appetite, so the weight of the site is very high.

3, the high quality of the chain: Grassroots Adsense nets start, found cow to Shanghai Longfeng WHY and A5 feeble, the quality of the chain do soft Wen obtained is very high, the weight and the search engines give these two sites is very high, so the site to bring a good impression.

a new station are generally not what weight, not to mention what rank, as long as can quickly be collected very happy, but some webmaster will know how to make the new won other stood at the starting line, in the start of the site to enhance the weight to a certain amount, I remember Shanghai dragon WHY one expert, called Stella, his grassroots Adsense nets for less than a week, just overwhelmed many of the old station, in the first row. How to make the new weight rapid increase in

many people are stressed content influence, many write original articles to increase website weight, but also not to say that the original write to write, maybe just started to write and write something, but behind more and more difficult, as I now hold every 2,3 hours to hold out a quality, or not how good, very tangled said. Of course, the original is necessary, there are significant benefits. Update the original article is to increase the weight of the main part. But with the original training weights need to be too long, so much to play at the beginning of the station, I talk about some factors which affect the weights of the site in the early days of the following:

in fact most people know, but only a few people will do, lack of execution. I specially analyzed the grassroots network, get some information from website content, website weight, personal feel is mainly affected by the 3 external factors affecting

2, Domain name:

4, website architecture: from the site structure and layout, the cow is very good, keyword distribution is very reasonable, not deliberately accumulation can even say that the keyword density is very small, all is natural. The website structure is simple, there is no JS code or junk code, no >

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