Analysis of new words ranking on stainless steel and optimization plan

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took over just checked the love Shanghai chain, then carefully check found that the more than 200 chain is almost from the same station query, what IP links.

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four, the chain has a problem of

FTP, found that the root directory has a robots file, which code is:


2. did not make good use of the ALT picture, this is almost a picture or even, can not bear to give a picture of a alt, can be said that the technician before too lazy.

web page is very rough, not beautiful, looked uncomfortable. Can only use one word to describe: chaos. Site is table to the layout, the entire page is ninety percent pictures, text is estimated less than one hundred bytes. Navigation is used in animation, with no bottom accessible website page link. The entire home products in addition to several links and news links, without any link to the spider continue to crawl it with single page not what respectively.

, a website of poor quality

home company profile, a title for the recruitment information, some without product names and pictures at the bottom of the copyright information can hardly find any content

I recently took over a single, keywords: Guangdong Foshan stainless steel plate, stainless steel plate, stainless steel plate 304. Keywords stainless steel I have contact is relative to other industries is difficult to do, too many competitors, search the two words love Shanghai in the first ten pages are visible trace site optimization is very much. I took over the site, from the title, description, deliberate keyword density and many links, can clearly see that people had been optimized. I analyze the reasons for website ranking or not, to talk about how to optimize the station for me.

3. page text keyword density is too high, so little, still those multi keyword anchor text.


1. is the first title: Guangdong 304 Foshan 304 stainless steel plate | stainless steel plate |304 stainless steel plate | Foshan stainless steel plate | Guangdong stainless steel plate – Foshan XXX company, can only say that the technician before too can be piled up, he might think that the keyword in the title appears in the higher frequency ranking is better. Fletcher just so obvious way for a new station for the new station is not appropriate, does not mean that no weight, but the weight is not stable, perhaps an on-line collection of this title will give a not too bad of the rankings, but soon dropped to twenty or thirty page.

optimization method is not reasonable content of the poorIn addition to the

clearly >

five, robots file banned grab

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