Analysis of love Shanghai search engine keywords ranking rules

chain for keywords ranking to doubt, especially in some competitive high words, no auxiliary chain is impossible to have good rankings, some in a relatively poor quality of the site, is the use of the chain to support the let keyword generation ranking; so in our study keywords ranking this particular attention to some pages of the rankings produced, they generally do not have the support of the chain, but why would have ranked? Should carefully analyze the structure, it is adopted in the content quality and key word layout etc.. Figure "Xiamen Shanghai dragon" keywords ranking:

love Shanghai encyclopedia below is a software download site, but its name contains the words "Green Tea", so the ranking, in fact the vast majority of users to search the search keywords, may is to find the tea related content, rather than download software, but because the site high weight, so produced good rankings. This is why high weight website can bring a large number of long tail keywords ranking, it is inseparable to the root love Shanghai segmentation principle, based on the weights of the website, keywords, can produce rankings, this is love a big difference between Shanghai and Google ranking, the weight of love Shanghai focus on the website, and pay more attention to Google is the quality of the article.

keywords rankingThere is no effect of the keyword ranking



The demand of the

weight high website in the keywords ranking advantage is very obvious, not only can drive a lot of home page keywords ranking, and many column page content pages with keywords ranking, also some relevant keywords mean little can also produce rankings, as long as the site title involved, such as search "Green Tea":

website user experience is an important performance, he may with time, season and the user’s tastes change, so we should pay attention to constantly adjust their website content in the website optimization, to meet the needs of users, such as "Shanghai dragon" >

three, the demand for the content of moment influence keywords ranking

love Shanghai algorithm changes frequently, often only focus on key words change, to find a point to the law (in fact is not what the law, just some ranking factors summed up his own), always think the ranking of words need to rely on luck, the website ranking good has it done a good place. For example, some of the weight of the seemingly high website, keywords ranking is very strong, this is our website from the overall to analyze it, not only included in the site, the chain and PR value, only from the surface analysis found out what the problem is not always the site, according to the observation of their most recent summed up the impact of the three key elements of ranking:

, a website weight is the cornerstone of the

two, outside the chain of support is the booster

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