A new website how to get the weight in a short period of time

2. planning website of

website early to plan website content, original content can be expanded around the theme of the site creation, try not to copy others’ wholly intact, if it could not write a high quality content, can take a high degree of pseudo original ways to enrich the content of the website. High quality content to keep updated every time can not be a quantitative, add too much content, also not good days not update, to achieve steady, freshness keeping a website.

for a new website, the website must do a good job on the line before the layout, which includes the web page structure and key layout. It is important for the structure of the page, the page layout according to the user’s browsing habits, the premise is to maintain a good user experience; in addition, to make the layout of the key words, the page keyword layout should be natural, avoid keyword stuffing, otherwise it will affect the site overall weight lifting.

do the above three aspects, basically can make a new site to get the weight in a short period of time. Of course, it is easy to say, it is not easy, every aspect of the work, we have to.

here we are talking about the website chain, mainly refers to the chain, from the high weight website such as: love Shanghai encyclopedia chain, love Shanghai know the chain. For a new website, if you have a certain amount of high weight of the chain, will soon get the trust and love of Shanghai given certain weights. On the construction site outside the chain, because the love of Shanghai monitoring on some spam links and more strictly, so we should try to avoid the construction of garbage outside the chain, the author here is the main push of the soft investment, their usual work in some experience and then put to compile text, such as: A5, search as the platform, once included, can become a high quality of the chain, the article as long as there is enough content, many users will be reproduced to other platforms, so that your harvest is not a high quality of the chain, there may be hundreds of thousands of the chain, but also can play a very good the utility of brand promotion.

all the time, although Shanghai has no love to the outside world that "love Shanghai weight", but we are usually in the website optimization, or will "love Shanghai weight" as an important reference, whether it is the exchange of Links, or the construction of the chain, we will be the site of comprehensive weight evaluation. A new website how to get the topic of weight in a short period of time, I mainly do is to share the love of Shanghai.

1. do website layout

3. construction site outside the chain

many webmasters are in contact with the optimization of the railway station, on the new website optimization, believe that everyone has their own way and method. In order to better help those just contact site optimization of the students, the author decided to share their own a little experience and experience, if you have been engaged in website optimization for many years, also welcome to talk about the topic of the new website optimization.

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