Discussion on the original content of the three functions of website optimization

know a role of the most attractive is the original content can effectively improve the site rankings get more traffic, but there are many benefits of original content. Now all the webmaster all know the importance of the original content, but every day, adhere to the original is very difficult, and this also makes some owners to give up the original acquisition or reproduced, this is one of the reasons through the collection of updates can save a lot of time, so this also makes some webmaster love collecting. But the search engine to collect content on the web and especially not friendly, so often owners say why his website yesterday also included thousands, but the rest of the scanty update. The reason is in the quality of the content, content acquisition no quality at all, and the repeatability is high, so it is easy to be ruthless delete search engine. So for the acquisition of content suck, original content and the effect of what? Today I will share my original content effect.

original but the spider web content is not love, is also happy to see the user. As you visit other sites, if you want to through different sites to see the same article or article read many times, what would you think? If you would find objectionable, then the user why not? Users access to the site’s purpose is to find the information you want. If the website given content is viewed by the user, the user will stay here doing, and whether they had seen the user to determine the content, from the beginning of that, "

"content is king" in what is now the site optimization is not outdated, but its function is increasing. Relative to the previous search engine can not judge the quality of content, now the search engine quality judgment for the content is significantly increased. But for spiders, original content is the most love "food", through the natural original content please return the natural spider, the worst can also achieve the article is the second. But in the webmaster optimization experience sharing, original content is one of the most factors mentioned. The experiments show that with a lot of original content website than on a collection to update the content website ranking more stable, which is better able to explain how the original content is big. Now a lot of optimization master is more biased in favor of optimization for the content, one of the main content is to optimize the quality, so the quality of the content is of course the most belong to the original content. So, the author said the original content can make the website ranking is more stable than Luanche a pass, Weakness lends wings to rumours., this is all a good website optimization webmaster all know. If you are unable to say the original content play a stabilizing role of the ranking, how can there be "content is king"


original content can improve the user experience of

original content can make the website ranking


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