Website four points have to say

this revision will not cause the search engine drop right?

strategy is what we call the big direction, as the saying goes the wrong direction, the more effort you do, then you are wrong, the more powerful, the revision is the same, we can not come to a standstill because of some problems, previously included and so on, afraid of this fear that these fears are completely not necessary, as long as you can for your company’s future, know what you are worried about what to do? Why we should first put forward a strategic problem of the website? If we are to be revised, so we will be changing, according to our future direction to do, rather than to the original it has been a thing of the past. I often write the signature of the written word, I often take it as my motto: the right direction, stick to it as long as you have the right strategy to succeed. Today I tell you that, I can give you the power of the development of

: what is the site of the first

now we finally determined to make a big change to our website, let it bring us to a different user experience, sales performance, then transformed what kind of layout can better improve the user’s rate, to improve the user on the site of the company’s recognition (of course website and the company’s reputation is very important), this is like our daily life in the purchase of goods is the same reason, because your user groups, naturally, you need to prepare the products, marketing skills are not the same, so who is your user group? They have what characteristics and what is their preferences, what color their easy to produce visual fatigue (this is important), they will not get to the Internet, the network will not familiar with these then? If the problems in your mind has an optimal solution, then you can start

second: what kind of layout is more suitable for the future


the answer can certainly use one hundred percent, is not used, so how to do? We should because our users not accustomed to give it up to >


the revision of the effect will be better than before


website in the development of the site is bound to encounter, such as adding new sections, new columns, re planning and so on, this series of problems, we must make to the existing site layout re planning, re revision, revision of the site so we need to pay attention to what the problem of

website? The

before that I want you to ask yourself a few questions

if the above answer you very satisfied, then congratulations to you, we can carry out the following steps!

must be


will not cause the original user not used

!This is the revision of the ! ? !Third:

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