The new site for three months a monthly income of 5 thousand Shanghai Longfeng experience

as the grass-roots of our website is not enough, RMB to burn, not a professional technical and marketing teams to cooperate, there is no absolute innovative profit model. So do the service grassroots station can all do fine, as far as possible in a short period of time to flow and ranking and visibility made up.

There are a lot of Since most

we have three sites, two supply network and a local forum, in Anhui forum, we first in terms of content and layout, to learn about the local portal old station. The old station is called the old station, because he survived, most is to find a profitable way to live strong. Any one of the old station remain profitable whether it is worth our Study hard place in the internal layout, optimization, external promotion, but remember that learning is not to imitate, even imitate nor copy.


traffic is from the search engine over, then we have to respect the rules of search engine, only the flow combined with the Shanghai dragon skills in order to achieve stable rankings. Shanghai dragon in a wide range, but the anchor text is one of the key ring. Here are several basic techniques of anchor text: This is our Anhui forum in the optimization of the key. Today I’ll talk about a commonplace talk of an old scholar in text.

began to do internal optimization of search engine optimization, Shanghai dragon has a lot of skills, beginners can not be too much, but we need to master the search engine, calculation rules, or we want to know what love is not love love Shanghai to see what.

At the same time,

internal optimization: no matter what form of standing on the premise of fully meet user experience, home use less as far as possible pictures, flash. The picture link must also add text links, the map must be reasonable. Insist on their release site keywords of the anchor text original every day, and give the inside pages of other related keywords or long tail keywords do link.

station profit method, optimization method has a lot of clever methods, method I use are the most common optimization techniques: content construction, text construction, the construction of the chain. Our Anhui forum site three months time to achieve a monthly income of 5K, I think the most important thing is "stable", that is we try to get some of the most basic site optimization do not shock the optimization of the technology, but Wenzhongqiusheng to do the most basic construction site, do all fine, I think for the new station is a benign development.


2. a page the same anchor text only once. Do not want to avoid excessive anchor text, anchor text also appeared several times in a page. Because we do the anchor text and the need to consider the user experience, is to refer to a related concept, for the convenience of the concept is not clear, the user can understand the need.

1. anchor text linked to the absolute address (full name).

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