The Shanghai dragon work execution problem


Obsession tell you the execution is the lifeblood of optimization



in Shanghai Longfeng for so many years, saw a lot of small sites of ups and downs, the heart has a lot to say, most want to say is that Shanghai Longfeng workers "execution", I do not know if you have no feeling that their level of Shanghai Longfeng be roughly the same with other counterparts, but the site optimization effect is people than their own well, Obsession is here to tell you: a lot of website optimization for no good reason is actually the execution is not in place.

so we engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work, how to do it is the execution of Obsession? – first you to tell you what you have learned all the contents on the surface, grasp the strict in demands, not only to learn other people’s examples: Shanghai Dragon technology is called "written description, description written better good relationship to the site click rate, someone wrote a description of previous ideas completely according to the previous idea, in fact, is not necessarily suitable for all web sites, you write a description must understand written description several common points, they do not completely according to template to write, if it is to do it you just a copy. The second is the knowledge you have learnt all over, from which useful also use useless abandon, the need to adhere to long-term practice. The third point is to make you learn the knowledge completely, for example: if you see an article, said the small and medium-sized enterprise website to send 30 a day of the chain, then your first day is very good, send 30, second days only 25, third days only 20, slowly you more patience, the knowledge of the implementation more hasty, good habits for a long time you did, at the end of your website nature did not reach the optimization effect you expected.

Obsession told you – execution in Shanghai Longfeng reflected in

Shanghai Longfeng is to interest two is to optimize the website, to maximize the benefit of learning website, Shanghai dragon first to learn what? It is said to be writing, some people say it is a station, some people say is to collect the chain resources, in fact, these claims are on, but also no! It is to say, because it is indeed a Shanghai dragon beginners must first to master knowledge, say it is wrong, because there is more important than they like to learn. If the above knowledge to tackle Shanghai Longfeng bullets, then execution is bullet gunpowder, the gunpowder is not enough, again good also not far. So to study the execution, execution in place, so you learn those small Shanghai Dragon technology can really play a power".

Obsession tells you how to develop a good execution

We study

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