College students can get a one time suspension of entrepreneurship subsidy 10 thousand yuan

now some college students venture can enjoy some of the policies and subsidies to help in Shandong, Qingdao, now the local college students drop out of business, you can receive a one-time subsidy of 10 thousand yuan, but also to many students entrepreneurs great incentive.

20, the reporter learned from the Municipal Social Council, Qingdao will suspend business students and graduate students in Qingdao household annual business scope of subsidies, subsidies to support the current Qingdao city business scope has covered Qingdao entrepreneurial personnel within the legal working age. read more

How to join the turtle barbecue

barbecue brand to join the brand in the name of what barbecue delicious and nutritious in one, but also a turtle pot barbecue. First of all, the unique characteristics of the turtle pot barbecue, the use of 36 traditional Chinese medicine made of secret sauce baked, its fragrance overflowing, unique taste. And herbal ingredients as well as the role of health care.

secondly, the use of turtle pot baked ingredients that can retain the nutritional value of food, but also in the turtle pot baked food vitamins, protein, amino acids and other nutrients destroyed less. Turtle pot itself is made of iron, the use of turtle pot at the same time, to achieve the role of iron supplementation. So, turtle pot barbecue is healthy, nutritious barbecue. So how to join the turtle pot barbecue read more

Children’s clothing brand into the three major errors

countries over the past two years has introduced a number of policies to encourage entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and join the boom began to rise, many people want to invest in entrepreneurship. Currently, all kinds of chain children’s clothing to join the project after another. Easy to do 5000 yuan investment boss, a day to earn a surprise project, the annual salary of one million children’s clothing to join the invitation to join the 10 thousand"…… In the face of such attractive advertising, a lot of people eager to hold tens of thousands or even millions of dollars of funds, to join the ranks of children’s clothing chain. However, the chain of children’s clothing is not as simple as people imagine. In the chain of children’s clothing to join in the world, there are a lot of myth, there are all the tragedy. read more

Fashion but can endure the hardship of the female boss will fashion rivers and lakes to the country

as we all know, women’s money is best earned, so many entrepreneurs will choose a female project. "Everyone has a chance. But when undertaking, a positive attitude is the most important,   hardship is a blessing, accumulated good experience will accumulate steadily."

"remember the shop, the guests also joked that a boss you are selling snack sold so elegant oh!" Reminds me of a back in the Jialing River for Loquat Hill,   facade, wearing a stylish T-shirt, feet wearing a pair of glass slippers, worth tens of millions of Dai Hualu, with the Chongqing girl’s enthusiasm, greeted with diners, "  beauty, beauty, beauty food" also don’t know how many diners linger.

<> read more

Chengdu public entrepreneurial atmosphere

now business needs to have a good social atmosphere of entrepreneurship, in order to build a business around the atmosphere, have started to organize some activities to promote, now the whole Chengdu city public business atmosphere is very strong.

by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce jointly organized with the Chengdu Municipal People’s government, the Chengdu Municipal Commission of Commerce and the state power grid jointly hosted the 2105 China (Chengdu) mobile e-commerce and mobile business guests show 21 held in Chengdu. Site, more than 1200 experts, scholars and business representatives from different perspectives on the latest trends in the development of mobile e-commerce conducted in-depth exchanges and discussion. read more

Choose accessories must pay attention to these successful half

join jewelry cost small, low demand. Now the increase in the employment pressure today seems to join the jewelry industry is a good opportunity to get rich, but although the jewelry stores low starting point, the threshold is low, it seems everyone can open, but it is as long as the business can make money? The whole network Xiaobian take you to find out the shop need to know the business strategy.

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A method can not affect the operation of Dun

as long as it is to do business, must exist on credit behavior. Easy credit, Tao Zhang is not very easy, but also need managers can acquire a better way. In short, in the retail business, credit is inevitable, no credit too unkind as. Can credit the account receivable has become a very difficult thing.

usually, I see people on credit discretion, if the credit of the people is a reliable person, give credit. If it is a rascal, would rather not the business nor credit. She is mostly some honest and reliable acquaintances. read more