Bells Food Group wins health and safety award

first_imgScottish pastry supplier Bells Food Group has been given an award for its health and safety practices.Based in Shotts, North Lanarkshire, the company has achieved a silver in the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Health and Safety Awards.The scheme receives entries from around the world, and recognises achievement in health and safety management systems, including practices such as leadership and workforce involvement. The majority of awards are non-competitive and mark achievement at merit, bronze, silver and gold levels.“It’s a real honour to receive a silver RoSPA award and reflects the hard work and dedication of the team at Bells,” said Bells Food Group managing director Ronnie Miles.“Our staff are the lifeblood of our company and we are committed to maintaining high standards of health and safety across the board and I’d like to congratulate the team for their continued efforts.”Bells health and safety officer Chris Brannan (pictured above) will be presented with the award at a ceremony in Glasgow in September.“The RoSPA Awards are the most highly-respected in the health and safety arena, with almost 2,000 entrants every year, and allow organisations to prove excellence in the workplace, demonstrating a commitment to the wellbeing of not only employees but all those who interact with it,” said Julia Small, RoSPA head of qualifications, awards and events.In May, Bells expanded its senior team with four new appointments, including the promotion of two third-generation family members to the firm’s board.last_img read more

How the Zebra Got Its Just-So Story

first_imgEvolutionists have updated Kipling’s fanciful story, “How the Leopard Got Its Spots,” with a new, improved, scientific tale, “How the Zebra Got Its Stripes.”  They actually gathered empirical data to show for it.  Not all evolutionists are convinced, however, that it changes the genre from just-so story to scientific explanation.So how did the zebra get its stripes?  Previous theories explained the stripes as camouflage to confuse predators, as body temperature regulators, or patterns for recognizing mates, but none have proven satisfactory alone.  The new story is that they evolved the elaborate coat patterns to repel horseflies.  PhysOrg reported how Gabor Horvath, Susanne Akesson and colleagues from Hungary and Sweden performed field experiments to show that striped patterns attracted fewer bloodsucking insects.  BBC News shows the experimental setup.  The team erected four fake horses in a horsefly-infested field.  They were dressed in black, white, brown and striped hides coated with sticky material to catch bugs.  By surprise, the striped pattern attracted fewer flies than the light and dark hides.The scientists even came up with a physical explanation.  The stripes defeat the polarized light the bugs use to hone in on their targets.  “”We conclude that zebras have evolved a coat pattern in which the stripes are narrow enough to ensure minimum attractiveness to tabanid flies,” the team said.  “The selection pressure for striped coat patterns as a response to blood-sucking dipteran parasites is probably high in this region,” meaning Africa, even though the experiment was conducted in a field near Budapest.Rachel Kaufman at National Geographic News had some words of caution about this explanation:1.  The study was not conducted on live zebras, but on models.2.  it was not conducted in Africa, where the zebras live.3.  There may well be other factors the flies sense, like the zebra’s breath or heat, that are the primary attractors.4.  Human breeding may have altered factors in horses that changed their attractiveness to flies.5.  The BBC News article added that the stripes may have multiple explanations, not just one.6.  The BBC News article also questioned why, if stripes are so effective at repelling flies, other mammals did not follow suit.Other challenges can be lobbed against the conclusion.  For instance, did they test whether the stripes simultaneously deter mosquitoes, houseflies, lice, fleas, or bees?  Stripes that repel horseflies might backfire and attract other pests.  Did they test for pleiotropic effects – i.e., if natural selection favored stripes, did the genetic mutations cause deleterious effects elsewhere?  Given the ambiguity of the results, the explanation found on Uncommon Descent might work as well as any other:  “Don’t bite!! I’m just the test pattern. World of Blood comes on in a minute.”We do not fault the team for trying.  Getting out in the field and performing a clever experiment is certainly better than armchair theorizing. Putting forward a physical theory like polarized light is also classical scientific method that can be tested.   The team has added some information to our knowledge – just not necessary and sufficient knowledge to explain the origin of the stripes.  (Another data point in the articles is worth noting: zebra embryos start out black; the stripes materialize before birth. )The story illustrates a difficulty biologists have with scientific explanations: for every rule, there are exceptions.  If stripes-as-bug-repellants were a law of nature, all animals would have them, and the flies would go extinct or learn to eat plants.  Do zebra finches have stripes to deter houseflies?  Do zebra fish have stripes to deter water fleas?  When science has to keep changing the law of nature to account for different instances of the same pattern, or keep multiplying the laws of nature to account for different patterns, it’s hard to boast of a unified theory.The main fault in the study is the use of evolutionary theory as an assumption.  The stripes “evolved to” do something: e.g., “The team wondered whether the zebra’s stripy hide might have evolved to disrupt their attractive dark skins and make them less appealing to voracious bloodsuckers,” PhysOrg stated.   This is the just-so element of the story.  It is fallacious on two accounts: (1) Evolution, being an unguided, purposeless, moment-by-moment mechanism, cannot “evolve to” do anything.  (2) Making the “zebra’s stripy hide” the subject of “to disrupt” is a personification fallacy.  Hide cannot do anything (except maybe hide).A third problem with the evolutionary assumption is it rules out from the outset any non-evolutionary explanation, like design.  A zebra suit has fashion written all over it.  That’s why intelligent clothiers design gowns on the pattern (example).  It should be obvious that fashion models wear such gowns to attract mates (not deter flies) by design.  If the Designer of animals is intelligent, he might have his own purposes for outfitting each creature differently, including artistic as well as functional reasons.(Visited 156 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

You Are Defined by the Events of Your Life

first_imgYou are defined by the events of your life. The good news is that you are the one who defines what those events mean.You can choose to believe that negative events define your life in negative ways.You may decide that the circumstance of your birth defines you in some negative way.Maybe you were poor, you grew up in the wrong neighborhood, went to the wrong schools, and didn’t make the right connections. You might choose to believe that makes you a “have-not.”Maybe you made mistakes when you were younger, some of them serious. Those mistakes hurt other people, including people you loved and who loved you. You might decide that makes you “not a good person.”You had a relationship that was important to you fall apart. It wasn’t the first one. Some of it was surely your fault, and now you judge yourself. You might choose to believe that you are unworthy.These are all decisions you make. They are the frames you decide to put around events. They only define you if you invest that power in these events, events that you have in common with billions of other people, many of whom don’t believe they are negative.You can choose to believe that negative events define your life in positive ways.You can believe that you have (or that you will) escape the circumstances of your birth. You may believe that serious adversity provided you with the initiative and the intestinal fortitude to out-smart, out-work, and out-last those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and never met “the hustle.”You could view your misspent youth as the set of experiences that shaped your values, that taught you right from wrong. There are millions and millions of people who “grew up,” some of them later than others, who have gone on to make a tremendous contribution.Almost no one lives without the experience of losing an important relationship. Making mistakes is part of being human. Remaining vulnerable and open to the next relationship, even when you risk being hurt, is faith and confidence in the power of relationships.The meaning you give events can either empower you, or they can disempower you. You choose the frame. Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Nowlast_img read more

Site C was tough decision now its time to make best use

first_imgVICTORIA – He was one of staunchest critics of the Site C dam, but George Heyman found himself in the uncomfortable position this week of supporting a plan to complete the $10.7 billion megaproject.A couple of days after the decision was announced, B.C.’s environment minister said the previous Liberal government left the NDP no choice but to keep building.“I’m obviously not going to talk about cabinet discussions, but I certainly never felt held down with a pistol to my head,” he said in an interview earlier this week.“This was not a decision we made lightly or took any pleasure in making. This clearly was not a project we thought was a good one.”Heyman, a former executive director of the Sierra Club and president of the B.C. Government Service Employees Union, has consistently raised environmental and economic concerns about Site C.Heyman and Energy Minister Michelle Mungall stood at Premier John Horgan’s side for the announcement on Monday. Horgan said it was a gut-wrenching experience, adding that the ashen faces of the three politicians aptly portrayed their emotions.“As the premier said to us, we’ve made a collective decision that we’re supporting it, but that doesn’t mean you have to not show your feelings or emotions or your disappointment,” said Heyman. “He said, ‘I’m doing that and I expect others will too.’ “Horgan said the government had no alternative but complete the hydroelectric dam rather than absorb a $4 billion hit to its bottom line. Cancelling Site C would have jeopardized government plans for more schools, hospitals and bridges, he said.Agriculture Minister Lana Popham said in a Facebook post Tuesday the past few weeks were the most difficult of her career.“I am with so many of you in grieving the loss of agricultural land in the flood zone of Site C,” she wrote.Heyman said the government must now find ways to make the best of the situation.“We’re not going to simply build it and let it go to waste,” he said.There are climate challenges ahead that will involve a lot of electrification of industry, he said.“The challenge for me and I think all of us is to take this project and find a way to shoe horn it into that plan.”Horgan agreed, saying the government must incorporate Site C into its climate objectives.“It now falls to us to make sure the project, now $10.7 billion, comes in on budget and provides an opportunity for us to do more with the energy that we would not have been able to do otherwise,” he said in an interview this week.It will be the third dam on the Peace River in northeastern B.C., flooding an 83-kilometre stretch of valley near Fort St. John. It will provide enough power to light up to 450,000 homes a year.Horgan and Heyman both said the decision to go ahead opened wounds across B.C., including personal ones.“People have deep feelings about this,” said Horgan, who admitted he and his wife argued about Site C. “I’m saddened many people, lifetime friends of mine, are disappointed with the decision I made.”Heyman said: “I’ve had close friends tell me how disappointed they are in the decision.”Others say they will continue to fight Site C. Landowners and environmentalists have asked the auditor general to examine the government’s calculations that the province would incur $4 billion in costs to cancel the project. Indigenous groups have also promised court action, claiming infringement of treaty rights.last_img read more

A stronger Alberta Ottawa announces 16B for Canadas oil and gas sector

first_imgOttawa is spending $1.6 billion to help struggling energy companies stay afloat, buy new equipment and diversify as Alberta grapples with bargain basement oil prices.Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi says $1 billion is to be set aside through Export Development Canada for oil and gas companies to make capital investments and purchase new technology.Another $500 million is to be made available through the Business Development Bank of Canada over the next two years to help smaller oil and gas companies navigate the downturn.Sohi says a further $150 million is to be used for clean growth and infrastructure projects.The package does not include money for more rail cars that Alberta is planning to purchase to help move a glut of oil behind the low price of Canadian oil.Sohi says the money, largely in the form of commercial loans, is available immediately.“We understand that when Alberta hurts, so does Canada,” Sohi said Tuesday. “Together we can build a stronger Alberta (and) a more prosperous Canada.”The price of Alberta oil plummeted so low last month that Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said Canada was practically giving it away. While the world sells its oil at about $50 a barrel, Alberta’s oil at one point fetched only $11 a barrel.Notley plans to buy as many as 80 locomotives and 7,000 rail tankers — expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars — and has announced an oil production cut to begin next year. That has helped push the price back up.She has said Canada’s economy is still losing as much as $80 million a day because of the discount.“We understand that for the long-term success and growth of the oil sector, nothing is more important than building the pipeline capacity to expand our non-U.S. global markets,” Sohi said.The Trans Mountain expansion project, which would triple the flow of oil to the British Columbia coast, is in limbo despite being approved two years ago. Ottawa is revisiting the potential impacts on First Nations and B.C.’s marine environment.Dean Bennett, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

The top 10 movies on the iTunes Store

first_imgiTunes Movies U.S. charts for week ending December 23, 2018:iTunes Movies US Charts:1. Venom2. A Simple Favor3. Crazy Rich Asians4. Home Alone5. Mission: Impossible – Fallout6. Elf (2003)7. The House With a Clock In Its Walls8. The Equalizer 29. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation10. SmallfootiTunes Movies US Charts – Independent:1. Mid90s2. Colette3. Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers4. Galveston5. Leave No Trace6. American Animals7. The House That Jack Built8. Eighth Grade9. Hearts Beat Loud10. The Dawn Wall__(copyright) 2018 Apple Inc.By The Associated Press, The Associated Presslast_img read more

North Peace Fall Fair celebrates 71stanniversary

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The North Peace Fall Fair celebrated its 71st-anniversary last weekend.The fair included cattle, horse and baking events as well as handy craft contests, a truck pull and dance competition.Jodie Richter had one of the best performances at the fair, achieving three total aggregates in the baking, flowers and foliage and the fruits and vegetable competitions. Winners from the fair are shown below:Dairy Cattle:Junior Grooming: Jeremiah GauthierOpen Grooming: Butterkup FarmsJunior Showmanship: Jeremiah GauthierOpen Showmanship: Butterkup FarmsCow and Calf Pair: Butterkup FarmsFirst Year Milking: Butterkup FarmsSecond Year Milking: 8 Way CharolaisYearling Heifer: Schroer FamilyBest Udder of Show: Schroer FamilyCalf of the Current Year: Schroer FamilyMature Cow: Schroer FamilyBeef Cattle: Grand Aggregate: Halfway River SimmentalsDarren Pugh Memorial Breeder’Exhibitit: Rafter SJ AngusShowmanship: Caitlan HarmonIntermediate Showmanship: Justin McCordJunior Showmanship: Donovan Snider4-H Cow with Calf: Logan Denzler4-H Yearling Heifer: Seth HarmonBull Calf: Eckbert WeitzelYearling Bull: Michaela McCordOverall Bull: Eckbert WeitzelYearling Calf: Michaela McCordHeifer Calf: Justin McCordMature Cow with Calf: Christa WeitzelOverall Female: Justin McCordSteer Classic: Christa WeitzelPen of Three Heifers: Dry Creek RanchHeavy Horse:Horse Pull: Calvin BuchtaTop Teamster: MackenzieOldest Teamster: DillmanLight Horse: Grand Champion English Horse: Dannielle HennesseyReserve Champion English Horse: Gracie EnglishGrand Champion Western Horse: Katrina KimmieReserve Champion Western Horse: Becky NewshamGrand Halter Champion: Katrina KimmieReserve Halter Champion: Megan RawsonHome Baking: Grand Aggregate: Julie JohnsonGluten Free Aggregate: Jodie RichterHandicrafts: Grand Aggregate: Priscilla BenterudBest in Show: Doris HoferSeasonal Crafts Aggregate: Priscilla BenterudSewing Aggregate: Priscilla BenterudFibre Arts Aggregate: Rene GiesbrechtSenior Handicrafts Aggregate: Julie TaylorQuilts Aggrigate: Anita AndersonNeedle Work Aggregate: David PriceHand Knitting Aggregate: Kath LangerudToys and Dolls Aggregate: Priscilla BenterudTruck Pull:Class 2000-2999: Bob Corbett – 305.97Class 3000-3999: George Lamy – 210.43Class 4000-4999: Noel Pomeroy – 402.52Class 5000-5999: Harvey Hennig – 410.49Class 6000-6999: Dalton Brown – 385.28Class 7000-7999: Hans Merkl – 171.87Class 8000-8999: Peter Donszelmann – 262.93Class 9000-9999: Kristyn Brody – 229.85Class 10000-11999: Charles Newman – 471.87Class 12000-13999: Arnold Radatz – 527.27Class 14000-19999: Dave Wuthrich – 735.20Entertainment:Amateur Talent Show Best in Show: Audrey WendelU17 Individual music: Audrey WendelU17 Individual Performing Arts: Adylnn Wandler18+ Individual Music: Jayden Stafford18+ Music Group: Karen and KathyDogs:center_img Stock Dogs: Carol Nelson and PiaSheep: Grand Champion Ewe: Christa WeitzelBreeder’s Exhibit: Christa WeitzelJr. Grooming: Meggan BueckertJr. Showmanship: Katelynn BueckertPoultry: Mature Rooster: Ella KellyU16 Spring Pullets: Delany KingOpen Fancy Breed: Ella Kelly and Caitlyn KellySpring Roosters: Charly KingLaying Hens: Jason SowersSpring Pullets: Brookyln Morton and Jaida MortonGoats: Grand Champion Meat Doe: Freyja JarnaginGrand Champion Dairy Doe: Melvin Jarnagin8+ Jr. Showmanship: Stella JarnaginOpen Showmanship: Stella JarnaginHome Canning:Grand Aggregate: Noreen KramerBest in Show: Mavis NelsonBernarding Jam and Jelly Award: Lorna PennerBernardin Giftpack Competition: Eliza BenterudBest Wines: Gordon Westergaard and Katy PeckBest Liquer: Herbert KeuthFruits and Vegetables:Grand Aggregate: Suzie Richter and Jodie RichterMost Outstanding Fruit: Helen DutchakMost Outstanding Vegetable: Tiffany ThiessenBest Tomato: Dick KatterbergBiggest Zuchini: Suzie Richter and Jodie RichterBest Vegetable Scultpture: Lorne McBethBest Scarecrow: Cindy GoertzenFlowers and Foliage:Grand Aggregate: Jodie Richter and Julie TaylorHighest Horticultural Award: Suzie Richter and Jodie RichterBest Cut Flower: Marg ZielsdorfBest Arrangement: Olga GregoireBest Orchid: Ben Hansen and Wilma HansenBest House Plant: Suzie RichterArt:Grand Aggregate artwork: Samantha WigglesworthGrand Aggregate photography: Diane KingBest in Show Photography: Frieda Walterlast_img read more

Fort St. John RCMP says aggressive panhandler is in custody

first_imgNeal Apsassin is currently in custody as he has been charged with two counts of Mischief of $5000.00 or under. The charges come from incidents on July, 12th, 2019 and the second on August 19th, 2019.Apsassin is due back in court on Thursday, September 12th, 2019, at 9:30 am.We just put the “Neil” info out as several people have commented that they have not seen him out on the streets lately. #YXJ #Safestreets— Fort St John RCMP (@FortStJohnRCMP) September 10, 2019Apsassin is known on social media due to his approach in panhandling and asking for $10, according to local chat groups, a FB group was made in light of his actions.To view the criminal file; CLICK HERE To view the FB Group; CLICK HERE FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John RCMP tweeted on Tuesday, as a result of numerous complaints regarding an aggressive panhandler named ‘Neal’ is now in custody.The tweets said that an RCMP member put together a comprehensive court package and Neal had remanded into custody.As a result of numerous complaints regarding an aggressive pan handler known as “Neil”, one of our officers put a comprehensive court package together and he has been remanded into custody.— Fort St John RCMP (@FortStJohnRCMP) September 10, 2019last_img read more

Authorities start drive to remove poll related posters in Noida, Gr Noida

first_imgGB Nagar: Soon after the election commission of India announced election schedule for 17th Lok sabha elections, the Gautam Buddh Nagar District administration, on Sunday, ordered all the concerned authorities to immediately remove all the hoardings, banners and other campaign materials within next 24 hours from their respective work circles.As per a senior official of Gautam Buddh Nagar District administration, the directions have been issued to all the three authorities across the district-Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna authority and all the police stations. Also Read – Bangla Sahib Gurudwara bans use of all types of plastic items”The directions have been issued soon after the model code of conduct came into effect following the announcement of polls on Sunday. We have asked the officials to ensure compliance with the orders and remove all the election campaign related materials within next 24 hours. Also the official are directed to share a videography and photography, while removing the banners or hoardings, with the administration,” the official said. Following the directions, a massive drive of defacing the political posters/banners/hoardings was carried out across the district by respective authority and police station. In Noida, the drive was carried out in all the 10 work circles falling under the Noida authority from Sunday evening. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder”The authority is undertaking a massive drive to remove all the election campaign related material such as banners, hoardings, pamphlets and others from all the work circle areas. In order to intensify the drive and abide by the guidelines issued by District administration, over 200 employees with the authority have been appointed to perform the task and ensure that all such materials are removed within next 24 hours. We will also issue numbers of the officials with related work circles so that complaints can be made directly to them if any poster or hoarding is left unremoved,” said Rajiv Tyagi, General Manager, Noida Authority.last_img read more

RSP councillor Nibedita Sharma joins Trinamool

first_imgKolkata: Nibedita Sharma, RSP councillor of ward 65 in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, joined Trinamool Congress on Saturday. The TMC party flag was handed over to her by party secretary general Partha Chatterjee, in presence of senior Trinamool Congress leaders Subrata Mukherjee, Subrata Bakshi, Firhad Hakim and Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay at the party meeting of the Kolkata South constituency at Nazrul Manch.”I am inspired by the social development schemes of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her strong protest against divisive politics,” Sharma said. Her husband Sushil Sharma, who had earlier been the Member, Mayor-in-Council (Lighting) of KMC during the Left Front board, also joined TMC. Also Read – Centuries-old Durga Pujas continue to be hit among revellersSenior TMC leader and state Power minister Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay said: “Bengal has produced a Speaker of the Lok Sabha and also a President of India. Now we want a Prime Minister from Bengal (in the form of Mamata Banerjee) so we should take the Lok sabha elections as a challenge and ensure that there is a lead in all wards of KMC.” State Panchayat & Rural Development minister Subrata Mukherjee called for competition among the MLAs and councillors so that TMC leads in all the wards. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaTaking the cue from Mukherjee, Mayor Firhad Hakim said all TMC councillors in KMC should have a healthy competition of how much lead they can provide to the candidates of Kolkata South and Kolkata North, from their respective wards. “After the Lok Sabha, there will be the municipal elections, so it will be giving us a better idea of how far we have been successful in reaching our voters,” he added. TMC councillor Jui Biswas proposed that since there is a good number of Hindi speaking voters in the Kolkata South constituency, there should be someone who is well versed in the language at the campaign team of the party.last_img read more