This Is How You Really Learn to Sell

first_imgAdversity is what makes and shapes you. Without adversity, without having to push through something difficult, your development is stunted. Difficulty requires that you grow. If you are going to learn to sell, specific roles may seem better than others because they have a product that is in high demand, incredible awareness in the market, more leads than you need to succeed, and a cool culture. You might learn to sell in a company like this, but as it pertains to your development, you would be better off selling door-to-door.How to GrowIf you are going to learn to sell, you are not going to accelerate your development by having a product that is in high demand or working for a company that happens to have a hot hand now. The short term advantage of selling something that is in demand is that it diminishes the need to sell. By selling something where there is such low resistance to buy, you don’t develop your skills or your mindset.Learn Anthony’s core strategies & tactics for sales success at any level with The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever NeedThe best role for someone who genuinely wants to learn to sell is in a highly commoditized industry, where there is little to no differentiation. Better still is working in an industry with many competitors, including gargantuan companies that seem to have every advantage when it comes to acquiring clients or customers.Because there is no real and compelling differentiation in a crowded and commoditized market, you are forced to learn to create value through the sales conversation. Without being able to rely on some factors outside yourself, you are forced to learn how to sell.Win customers away from your competition. Check out Eat Their LunchNo Leads, No ProblemThe feral cat doesn’t have the same cushy life of the declawed house cat. Instead, the wild cat has to feed itself, and it has to be tough enough to survive its environment, as well as the many predators that inhabit its world. The well cared for house cat has no need to hunt.It might seem nice that your company provides you leads, and it may seem even better to have those leads qualified for you by an SDR or BDR, or some other acronym used to describe one of the many roles we’ve carved out of “salesperson.” However, you stunt your sales growth and development when you rely to your detriment on leads to create new opportunities. You are very much like the house cat who cannot feed himself. Worse still, relying on a mother human being to identify, qualify, and schedule appointments for you will prevent you from developing the fundamental skills of great salespeople.Those who have never been provided a lead have the advantage of having learned to target their dream clients, prospect effectively, and schedule their own meetings, all the while still focusing on managing their deals (something I assure you is quite possible). Much like the feral cat, these salespeople can take care of themselves, one of the things that knowing how to sell provides those who learn the craft.School, Not CoolIf you want to learn to sell, don’t look for a fresh company with a cool culture. Don’t look for ping pong tables and other ridiculous perks. Especially don’t look for a role where you can work for home, something that will stunt your growth and make it more difficult for you to learn how to sell. The factors that make a company cool have an inverse relationship with your sales development.To learn how to sell, find a company with a sales culture. The best place to learn how to sell is working for a company that values and prioritizes sales. There are several reasons to work for a sales culture.First, a company that believes it is a sales organization is likely to provide you with a good sales manager, one who is going to work with you every day. Second, and maybe even more importantly, you want to be surrounded by salespeople. A lot of what you need to know to sell well is going to come from listening to other salespeople, something you cannot do if you work from home. You don’t want to deprive yourself of tribal knowledge.Finally, you want to work for a company that cares enough about sales to invest in training and development. It’s essential that you learn to understand the game, so it slows down for you.Don’t Make It Too EasyThe desire to make things easy and comfortable weakens your heart and your mindset. You are better learning to sell where it is difficult and where you are forced to be uncomfortable. The people whose first job in sales is door-to-door builds an immunity to the word “no” and are not sensitive to rejection, making prospecting much easier for them than their pampered peers who take easier jobs. Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Residents of Mount Salem, Denham Town Benefitting from Interventions – PM

first_imgPrime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, says that residents in Mount Salem, St. James and Denham Town in Kingston, where the Zones of Special Operations (ZOSO) are in progress, are benefitting from a wide rangeof interventions.These, he said, include infrastructure development projects, skills training and initiatives aimed at improving access to critical services.In Mount Salem, the National Works Agency (NWA) is spearheading a project to improve the condition of roads and drains in the community.The works commenced in January and is scheduled to continue until March.“I am particularly heartened about the work that the NWA will do in terms of putting in drains and repairing roads and gullies and where possible, we have already started to replace the zinc fences with proper fencing,” Prime Minister Holness said in the House of Representatives on February 13.The zinc fence removal project is scheduled to conclude in April 2018.Already, residents have benefitted from community service fairs, utility regularisation, recruitment for skills training and apprenticeship, civil registration and identification and training of community animators.“There have also been community safety and environmental projects, which focus on physical improvements as well as social engagements such as the unity concert and church community retreat, which have aimed to buildinternal relationships,” Prime Minister Holness noted.Focus has also been placed on enterprise development, with the joint security force, Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), and HEART Trust/NTA collaborating to promote an environment for the development of smallbusinesses.Activities have included the regularisation of bars and food services, through the provision of spirit licences and food handlers’ permits.There has been a call for proposals in furtherance of enterprise grant funding. This programme commenced in January and is expected to continue until December.Another project being implemented is a community sports programme involving partnership among JSIF, Social Development Commission (SDC),Sports Development Foundation (SDF), Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), Jamaica Cycling Federation, Jamaica Table Tennis Association, and Jamaica Boxing Federation.The initiative, which is scheduled for 12 months, will provide training and equipment, the Prime Minister informed. It will set the foundation for a permanent sports programme in the area.In addition, through collaboration between the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and JSIF, the capacity of the community development committee is being developed and a neighbourhood watch is being re-introduced.The Prime Minister noted that the importance of family is also being emphasized. He said it is anticipated that as the operations continue, a number of other projects will be brought into focus.With regards to Denham Town, Mr. Holness said there continues to be significant gains in the zone and the efforts are welcomed and supported by the members of the community.“Undoubtedly, this is supported by the commendable efforts of the joint force in maintaining law and order so that safety and security becomes a critical pillar in community development,” Prime Minister Holness said.During the month of January, the social intervention committee consolidated planning activities for a number of initiatives, and commenced the implementation of specific programmes.In terms of improvements to the physical environment, there has been continued focus on zinc fence substitution and infrastructure development.Just over 400 metres of fence have been completed in Denham Town, with approximately 75 metres being erected in Reggae Villa.The JSIF-funded Integrated Infrastructure Project (IIP), which will encompass major infrastructure works, including road and sewage upgrading, is currently in the bidding stage of procurement and is expected to commenceimplementation in the first quarter of the financial year 2018/2019.The Zones of Special Operations in Mount Salem and Denham Town have been extended for a further 60 days.The Lower House approved two Resolutions requesting the extensions, which were moved by Prime Minister Holness.This would be the third extension for the Mount Salem Zone, the first to become operational on September 1, 2017, while it will be the second extension for Denham Town.last_img read more

Football Return of Greg Schiano bolsters already strong coaching staff

Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano speaks to the media on Dec. 27 prior to the 2017 Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorRumors swirled about Greg Schiano’s future all offseason. The Ohio State defensive coordinator was most recently named as a possible replacement for New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia.Schiano also had “at least a dozen” college coaching offers, including several to become head coach, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer said Wednesday.None steered Schiano away from Columbus. He put all rumors to rest by saying he will coach at Ohio State for a third season.  “After the season there were opportunities both in college football and in the National Football League, but at the end of the day, my family, myself, we love it here,” Schiano said Wednesday. “It’s a tremendous people at the university and town, and this has become home. So you make those decisions as a coach and keep moving.Beyond just the return of a renowned defensive mind, Schiano’s return will pay dividends for Ohio State recruiting. He also will be able to provide the cornerbacks with a temporary leader until a replacement is found for former cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs, who left in January for the same position with the Tennessee Titans.“[Schiano is] essential to our program right now,” Meyer said. “If he is not my best recruiter, he’s certainly right there near the top. He manages so much for me off the field as well as being one of the top defensive coordinators in America.”The official news of his return was made on National Signing Day, the final day for 2018 recruits to sign with college teams. Ohio State received a boost when Nick Petit-Frere, the top-ranked offensive tackle in the nation, committed to the Buckeyes.His commitment was largely the result of a long-standing relationship with Schiano. Meyer said Schiano was “knee deep” in the recruitment of Petit-Frere and was one of the major reasons the program was able to land the highly sought-after offensive tackle.Schiano has worked to recruit several prospects, some while he knew he was being considered for other coaching positions at other institutions. He said no matter the distraction that all the rumors might provide, he does not allow them to interfere with his recruiting.Despite the fact a coach might look to be on his way out, Schiano said he believes those rumors don’t have much effect, even on the players’ side.“I think it’s all about the relationship you’ve established before that point. And if they have experienced you doing what you said you were going to do, then they trust you,” Schiano said. “I’m always very, very open and honest with our recruits, it’s the only way to do it and we communicate. But when you have that trust and you have that communication, those issues aren’t as paramount as people believe.”That trust between the recruits and the coaches becomes even more important when another key coach on the staff departs. Coombs, the energetic cornerbacks coach, left for the Tennessee Titans, leaving behind those players he helped recruit and the others who were going to play at his position.With Coombs gone and no replacement currently lined up, Meyer said the cornerbacks will be left under the care of Schiano for now. Schiano is no stranger to defensive backs. He has been the safeties coach the past two seasons, as well as the defensive coordinator.He also said he enjoys working with corners and that he has done it as the head coach of both Rutgers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Schiano said even after a new cornerbacks coach is hired, he will continue to assist them. Schiano also will find that new defensive assistant coach Alex Grinch could start to relieve Schiano of some of his responsibilities in the upcoming season.Ohio State will make sure to utilize as much of Schiano as it can while he remains in Columbus. He will be around for the 2018 season, but his future beyond then remains in doubt.He did not shy away from expressing interest in returning to a head coaching role in the future.“I do have aspirations of doing that because I kind of feel that’s what I’m called to do, but it doesn’t have to happen, if that makes sense,” Schiano said. “I’ve done it for 13 years, I enjoy doing it, but I love what I’m doing right now and that’s part of every decision.”Schiano’s days in Columbus are still numbered. He will not remain defensive coordinator of the Buckeyes for the rest of his career. But as long as he’s donning Scarlet and Gray, Schiano will continue to provide Ohio State with the services of one of the most versatile coaches in the country, from the recruiting trail to in-game coaching. read more

The international division of AMC Networks has pos

first_imgThe international division of AMC Networks has posted revenues of US$26.3 million (€20.3 million) for the first quarter of 2012, a 3.8% year on year increase.The operating loss at the international channels group, which includes the Sundance Channel, increased US$1 million to US$13 million.
Overall revenues, incorporating AMC and the other US cable channels, was US$326.2 million, a 19.5% year-on-year increase.Josh Sapan, the CEO of US-listed AMC Networks, said that the success of the second season of zombie series The Walking Dead and fifth season of Mad Men helped generate the strong quarterly growth. “These successes underscore the strength of our original programming strategy, which continues to drive audience and advertiser demand for our networks,” he said.last_img read more